Refereed Journal Articles

2015 — The role of news in promoting exposure to political disagreement on social media. Computers in Human Behavior, 52, 211-218. By Matthew Barnidge.

2015 — Perceptions of the media and the public and their effects on political participation in Colombia. Mass Communication and Society, 18(3), 259-280. By Matthew Barnidge, Ben G. Sayre, and Hernando Rojas.

2014 — Cynics and skeptics: Evaluating the credibility of mainstream and citizen journalism. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 91(3), 452-470. By D. Jasun Carr, Matthew Barnidge, Byung Gu Lee, and Stephanie Jean Tsang.

2014 — Hostile media perceptions, presumed media influence, and political talk: Expanding the corrective action hypothesis. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 26(2), 135-156. By Matthew Barnidge and Hernando Rojas.

2014 — Citizenship in Colombia: How orientations toward citizenship differentiate among political and civic behaviors. International Journal of Communication, 8, 1831-1850. By  Matthew Barnidge, Timothy Macafee, German Alvarez, and Hernando Rojas.

Manuscripts In Preparation

Exposure to political disagreement on social media. By Matthew Barnidge.

Social media and corrective action. By Hernando Rojas and Matthew Barnidge.

Asymmetrical social capital effects: Social media social capital and political            participation. By Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Matthew Barnidge, and Andrés      Scherman.

The politics of “unfriending”: Political disagreement and user filtration on social media. By Jung Hwan Yang, Matthew Barnidge, Itay Gabay, and Hernando Rojas.

The influence of video news source and online social opinion indicators on             political evaluation, perception, and behavioral intention. By Matthew Barnidge,   Byung Gu Lee, Stephanie Jean Tsang, D. Jasun Carr, and Douglas M. McLeod.

Politically motivated selective exposure in Wisconsin. By Matthew Barnidge, Jinha Kim, Yangsun Hong, Mallory Perryman, Swee Kiat Tay, Sandra Knisely, and Albert C. Gunther.

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