P1040091_HeadshotI study international political communication, digital media, and civic engagement. My most recent research looks at political disagreement about news and other forms of public communication on social media. I’m especially interested in how people come to perceive disagreement with others in their social media networks, as well as the effects of those perceptions on preferences and behavior. My work has been published in journals such as Computers in Human Behavior, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Mass Communication and Society, and the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

I’ve also developed into a versatile teacher comfortable with a wide range of communication subjects. I spent three semesters as a teaching assistant for an introductory course that establishes foundational communication skills and four semesters in classes focused on communication theory and/or research. The demands of these very different courses gave me the opportunity to generate a range of engaging pedagogical techniques, including online-first exercises that promote student-driven content creation.

Before coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I completed a master’s degree at Louisiana State University and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. I was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1982 and grew up in Houston, Texas. I enjoy traveling and playing the drums.

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