I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism & Creative Media at the University of Alabama. I specialize in emerging media and contentious political communication with an international perspective, and I’ve taught and designed courses on mass communication concepts, media effects, and data visualization.

My research looks at how emergent online communication practices connect individuals with each other and with elite social and political institutions. My goal, ultimately, is to understand how the emerging media environment promotes (or discourages) public conversations about controversial political topics. These topics have become increasingly important as the United States faces renewed societal pressures via populist movements on both ends of the political spectrum, and it is also important for the post-“Brexit” European Union and young democracies in Latin America.

In the classroom, I’m dedicated to helping journalism students explore the ever-expanding range of current media practices to better understand the impact of those practices on audiences and societies. In the Fall 2017 semester, I’m teaching a course on news design and data visualization that incorporates cutting edge visual communication strategies, and another course on social media and journalism that covers recent trends in the news, politics, and society.




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